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For more than 20 years I have been singing and telling stories with children in Germany, in France, in Poland and elsewhere. I have been singing with adult audiences for many years, and since 2005 also participate in story-telling events for adults, both as story-teller and musician.


Latest news: My French song “Étincelles” (= “Sparks”) has won 1st prize in the international Song competition “Chansons sans frontières”!


Here are my sing-along & tell-along concerts for kindergarten and primary school:



Ein kleiner Dinosaurier (German)

Une baleine est énorme (French)

From Wibbleton to Wobbleton (English)



(all in German)

Der Schatz des Trollweibs (The Treasure of the Troll Woman)

Alexa die Liederhexe (Alexa the Song Witch)

Die Riesen-Reise (The Giant Voyage)


Duration: ca. 45 minutes


Here are some of my songs!


Contact: Michael Gemkow, Hugo-Preuß-Str. 9, 34131 Kassel, Germany

 Tel. (0561) 4003 8877

 Singen-mit-Michael  at  t-online.de



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